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Helping patients deal with emotions that can negatively affect their health
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Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Neuro Emotional Technique in Ogden, Utah: Emotions such as fear, anger, grief, and many others can negatively affect us long after the original event that caused them. When our body fails to “let go” of these emotions, we can find ourselves with unexplained aversions, self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias, and many chronic physical problems!

One of the tools Dr. Burke uses to help you identify, address and move past these “stuck” emotional patterns is called NET or Neuro Emotional Technique. NET is a powerful intervention that can assess and alleviate the internal stressors that are creating barriers to health and success.

As a NET practitioner, Dr. Burke can help you find unresolved, negatively-charged emotional responses that are stored in your body and help you release them, which can dramatically improve your health, business success, personal growth and relationships, and weight loss success, and many other areas. NET is safe, fast, fun, and effective, and is a natural way to resolve long-standing health problems by resolving the emotional components that accompany the physical symptoms.

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