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Alternative to Drugs and Surgery

We live in a pivotal time; we have the most advanced medical procedures in history and new drugs are being brought to market every day, yet the health of our country is worse than it has ever been before. Over 80% of disease is caused by medicine’s attempts to prevent disease (WHO).

Prescription Drugs Are Not the Answer for Pain

Our country is suffering; the opioid epidemic is getting worse and worse. Over 115 people die every day from opioid drugs, 80% of which were prescribed for back pain and neck pain.

Spinal Survery Is Not Successful in Addressing 
Chronic Problems

A 36-year-long study on spinal fusion surgery has proven no benefits five years after having the surgery*
*New England Medical Journal

There Is Hope!

Chiropractic care is the hope for your healthier future! Chiropractic is the number one natural, drug-free health care profession on the planet. A 7-year study* showed that patients whose primary physician was a chiropractor experienced the following results:

60% Fewer Hospital Admissions

98% Fewer Surgeries

85% Less Pharmaceutical Costs

*Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy, (2007, May), 30(4), 263-269. See also Spine, (2013, May), 38(11), 953-964.

It's Never Too Late for Improvement!

Even if you have already been prescribed pain medication or had a spinal surgery, Lifetime Family Wellness can help you. People utilizing corrective chiropractic care take 55% less opioid drugs. Dr. Burke has extensive experience in helping people who have already had surgery avoid future surgeries, including those with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

There Is No Reason to Live in Pain

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