Pediatric Care

You rarely hear a child complain of neck or back pain, but spinal problems usually begin in childhood.

Chiropractic for Infants

Since significant spinal trauma can occur at or prior to birth, many parents elect to have their newborn's spine checked right after birth. In fact, of 1,000 children evaluated in their first month of life by a chiropractor, over 90% were found to have misaligned bones in their necks alone!

Many developmental milestones such as learning to hold up the head, sitting upright, crawling, and walking are affected by spinal alignment and are important times to have a child checked by a chiropractor.

Chiropractic for Toddlers

Kids grow and move at a rapid pace. A child encounters many physical stresses during those growing years: falls, playground bumps, early introduction and overuse of technology, and more. The resulting problems in children’s spines can occur at almost any point in their development and growth, but can be effectively addressed by a chiropractor.

Chiropractic for Teenagers

As a teenager and young adult, your child’s spine needs to be supported even more. Sports injuries, heavy school bags, poor posture, sitting all day in the classroom, improper diet — these are all physical stresses to a child’s spine and nervous system and can contribute to a wide variety of physical illnesses.

Sometimes children have unexpected life experiences that cause distress. C-sections, premature births, poor nutrition, falls, vaccinations, and exposure to illnesses put stress on a child’s developing spine and nervous system. These children will often exhibit:

⦁ Colic and Reflux
⦁ Poor sleep patterns
⦁ Behavioral or speech disorders
⦁ Difficulty breastfeeding

⦁ Frequent colds and ear infections
⦁ Bowel problems (diarrhea, constipation, bloating)
⦁ Sensory Integration Disorders
⦁ Autism and Sensory Spectrum Disorders

Choosing chiropractic for your growing kids can promote healthy living during these crucial formative years.